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Be Prepared. Isn’t that what the Boy Scouts say? The more you think about it, the more it sounds like a good idea. Well, I had done everything in my power to be prepared, so when that day that we all dread happened at my sideline gig when my hard drive finally gave it upRead More

My Great Britain Machin Collection

Phil Boyd's Machin Collection

So I’m getting back into stamp collecting. Where do I start? I already have a few thousand stamps in various boxes so I think my best approach is to start organizing what I already have. I remember reading several years about the Machins of Great Britian. The Machins are a variety of British Stamps so-namedRead More

Philatelic and Stamp Collecting Links

Stamp Collecting may not be as popular as it was years ago, but there are still numerous resources available to Stamp Collectors throughout the Internet. If you know of any not listed, by all means let me know and we’ll get it posted. Stamp Galleries See My Stamps! … Image Hosting for Stamp Collectors! ARead More