Czechoslovakia 1st Year of Independence Stamps | A Steiner Page Hack

This 1919 set of Czechoslovakia comes in 3 denominations, 15  ‎haléř , 25  ‎haléř  and 50  ‎haléř. The depiction is a lion, The Bohemian Lion in fact, breaking it’s chains. They were Czechoslovakia’s first semi-postal stamps issued and the added surtax was used to raise money for orphans of Czechoslovakian Legion, who fought on the side of the Allies in World War I.

The hack on this Steiner Page is pretty simple. I just added 3 boxes below the “1st Anniversary of Czechloslovakian Independence” so I could display enough spaces for used and unused varieties of the issues.


Czechoslovakian Steiner Page, Czechoslovakian Independence hack
Steiner Page – Czechoslovakia-1940, page 26 with extra spaces


The PDF file is here:

The original downloadable album for Czechoslovakian Stamps is available at Stamp 

Here is the edited page with some Used and Un-Used of the series.
Used and Un-Used of Czechoslovakian Independence Anniversary

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