Czechoslovakia Stylized Flowers 1971-72 Postage Due Stamps

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Czechoslovakia Flower Style Postage Due Stamps of 1971-1972

Czechoslovakia Postage Due Stamps 1971-1972

Another completed Czechoslovakian Stamp Page from Steiner’ Stamp Album pages. These are Stylized Flower Postage Due Stamps from 1971-1972.

J95 – 10h Violet Blue and Pink
J96 – 20h Violet and Light Blue
J97 – 30h Emerald and Lilac Rose
J98 – 60h Purple and Emerald
J99 – 80h Orange and Violet Blue
J100 – 1k Dark Red and Emerald
J101 – 1.20k Green and Orange
J102 – 2k Blue and Red
J103 – 3k Black and Yellow
J104 – 4k Brown and Ultramarine
J105 – 5.40k Red and Lilac
J106 – 6k Brick Red and Orange


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