Do Follow Links

Do Follow blogs have become a very useful and viable resource for adding backlinks for your website or blog. Not to mention that it can also bring in a fair amount of traffic if you run a blog as Do Follow. Simply comment on the post,include your site when you setup your comment, and viola! You have a backlink.

My only advice is when you do comment, try to make your comment interesting to some degree. Imagine you are actually speaking to someone face-to-face when you comment. If you were actually verbally communicating with this person or group of people, would you only remark be “Thanks, this is useful” or “I agree”?

Is that  what you’d expect for your post (or conversation as I think of it), or would you rather appreciate meaningful input for others?

Anyway, even ranting.

Here’s a compiled list of Do Follow commenting Blogs that I have found.

ComLuv Blogs

ComLuv is a WordPress plugin that does Do Follow in a unique way. Instead of a link back to your blog, it will provide a link back to your most recent post on a blog.

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