Downloadable Custom Stamp Album Page-The Queen Elizabeth II 1952-1959 Series

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I’m a big fan of, Bill Steiner’s downloadable stamp album pages. But let’s be honest. When somebody else creates something, no matter how nice it is, it just may not cover everything you’d like it to.

Case in point, the downloadable pages for Great Britain include the 1952-1958 Queen Elizabeth II series, of course. What Steiner does is separate this series by watermark and it ends up being 3 different pages. What this means for me is several blank spaces in my Great Britain Album.

So what I’ve done is made my own Stamp Album page with spaces just for the stamps themselves without the watermark.

You can view and download the .PDF HERE,   or just click the image.

Custom Downloadable Stamp Album Page for the Queen Elizabeth II 1952-1959 Series

Here’s a pic of the page in use with some Queen Elizabeth Stamps.


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