Editable Steiner Style Stamp Album Page for Download

A Customizable Stamp Album Page


I put together a little something I hope you will like. It a PDF page you can download and edit in Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF reader.
I’ve made it to look like a regular Steiner Page so if you use Bill Steiner’s printable album pages, you can just incorporate this right into your current albums. It’s pretty straight-forward. Just download the the page and save it on your computer. Open it in Adobe Acrobat or your favorite PDF reader of choice and edit it. There’s sections for the Country, any sub-title you’d like to add and the date. Or, if you prefer, just make the changes in PCloud and Save and/or Print it. If you want to leave a section blank, just delete the letters and leave the box empty.

You can download the page at PCloud, the cloud service I use – Editable Steiner Style Stamp Album Page

After you edit the page and save it, just print it up like you would any other Steiner Page – “Actual Size” and orientation set or “Portrait”.


If you have any issues or questions or comments please let me know about them in the comments below.


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