Elvis Presley Souvenir Sheet from Spanish Sahara

Elvis Presley Souvenir Sheet

A Souvenir Sheet commemorating American Music Legend Elvis Presley from Spanish Sahara

I honestly couldn’t find an entry in the Scott Catalog but I have seen this same sheet for $5 on Ebay. I even have a highly ambiguous Certificate of Authenticity from the International Collectors Society.
Now how can you beat that?
If you’re interested in trading something, leave a comment below.

Certificate of Authenticity

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Author: Phil

2 thoughts on “Elvis Presley Souvenir Sheet from Spanish Sahara

  1. Hi Phil,

    I genuinely doubt the above certificate would be granted by ISWC. Most worldwide collectors (and especially members of ISWC) know that Sahara Occidental is different than Spanish Sahara (which ceased to exist in 1975) and these stamps have got zero postal status/validity. As such, no (traditional) stamp catalog lists Sahara Occ. stamps

    Here’s few similar stamps and some background information from my collection – http://www.stampcollectingblog.com/bogus-sahara-occ-rasd-stamps.php


    1. Thanks for the comment keijo.
      I hardly consider myself an expert in such matters, but I was doubtful of it as well. I was honestly trying to be facetious about the certificate.
      Could it be considered a Cinderella?
      I’d still like to see if someone would want to trade something for it. I’d let it go for just about anything.

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