Friends in SEO Optimization

It’s a big old Internet out there. That’s why SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is critical to the success of your Website.
Simply put SEO is the term used for all the tricks and effort you put into making your webpage accessible through search engines. Make your site show up in the first few results of any given search engine submission (usually on Google), and you will have achieved that long sought after goal of successful SEO.
One proven method of attaining a high search engine ranking is to get your site listed on other sites. The links that point back to your site actually help your site in search engine ranking. These links are commonly referred to as “Backlinks”. Each backlink from a site contains a little bit of mojo. That mojo’s called, among many things, “Link Juice”. The more “Link Juice” you have, the better you will rank among Search Engines.
Attaining these backlinks is called “Link Building SEO”. It’s just one of the aspects of Web SEO, but a very important one that should not be overlooked.
Now there are many ways to get these backlinks. One way is submitting your site to Web Directories. A web directory is a site that contains links to other sites. These are usually broken up into numerous catagories. Simply find the catagory that best describes your site and submit it. Your site will be reviewed, and if deemed worthy, will be listed on the directory and thus, add to your efforts for successfully optimizing your site for Seatch Engines.
Below, I have taken the time to return the favor of the many SEO Directories, Web Directories and various web sites that have been kind enough to provide backlinks to either this site, or my other internet endeavors.
To them I say “Thank You” for helping in my SEO efforts.

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