Google Pagerank Schedule for 2013

Here’s a quick rundown of when to expect the next Google Pagerank in 2013.

1st Update — January 28 to February 6
2nd update — June 27 to July 7
3rd Update — September 29 to 4 October
4th Update — 24 December to 29 December

Now, a lot has been said about the pagerank that Google applies to sites and people tend to put quite a bit of importance into it. Sure it’s exciting when your rank increases and after months of work you finally see a jump. Bottom line, an increase in pagerank is a good thing, but the little bit I know says that Pagerank is something you really shouldn’t put too much weight in.
It should be viewed as a general meter of incoming links, not something that has anything to do with the SERP position of your page.
Pagerank is derived from the basic value of sites that link to you. But after applying Google’s normal scrutiny, some of those sites may actually have issues that effect your position (bad hat site, policy violations) that are not being reflected in what it contributes to pagerank.
So Pagerank should not be viewed as an end-all in your SEO efforts and much less as meter in the goals for your site.
Instead, monitor it for any big fluctuations or changes. A sudden drop in your pagerank obviously would give you some concern and should be looked into.

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