My Great Britain Machin Collection

Phil Boyd's Machin CollectionSo I’m getting back into stamp collecting.
Where do I start?
I already have a few thousand stamps in various boxes so I think my best approach is to start organizing what I already have. I remember reading several years about the Machins of Great Britain. The Machins are a variety of British Stamps so-named after the sculptor, Arnold Machin. Machin sculpted the bust of Queen Elizabeth II that makes up the sole image of Machin Stamps and is credited with design.
The main attraction of these stamps is the fact that despite their simple design, they have been issued in countless different variations. It has been said that there are over a thousand different varieties of Machins. Differences in colors, denominations, gums, phosphor bands, even multiple perforation types exist for these philatelic gems.
What I think appeals to me about the whole thing is while different types and varieties abound for Machins, they are at the same time very attainable. After digging through my Great Britian collection, I was amazed at how many Machins I already had. (Of course winning a lot or two from Ebay didn’t hurt either).
So here are a few of what I have attained. I’m using Bill Steiner’s printable Stamp pages as a album.

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