My SEO Efforts

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is simply things you do to make your website or blog show up better in search engines. Unfortunately, actually optimizing your site isn’t nearly as simple, as I am finding out. Here is a list of links to some very useful tools that I have found on the internet.

Backlink Checkers

Ahrefs **Open Site Explorer**

SEO Forums

SEO Chat

All-In-One Sites

Majestic SEO

Rank Checkers


  1. Nice collection. A few of them i have used.I was also looking for this kind of collection. You can add another seo tools to check the result of Google SERP of any website. I have used many tools to check my site’s health in Google SERP. But it is totally free better than any premium seo tools.

  2. Hiya,
    Good luck with your SEO efforts! Its not rocket science – just heaps of trial and error!
    We too have been using too for a while. Its great, cant recommend enough!

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