Norway1990 Page 5: Birds 1983 Strip Separated

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Another simple hack of a page from Steiner’s Norway1990 Stamp Album.

The 1983 Birds set from Norway, Scott #821 & #822, depict the Barnacle Goose and the Little Auk (or Dovekie). They were printed on a Se-tenant of 2.25 Krone.

So all I did was separate the se-tenant into 2 boxes as you can see in the upper left-hand corner.

Custom Stamp Album Page of Norway stamps from 1983
Page 5 of the Norway1990 Stamp Album with the 1983 Birds Se-tenant separated.

And of course, the PDF is HERE::

The Custom page with some stamps in place.

Here’s the original page with no customization.

The Original page before customization for comparison.

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