Psalm 43:3-5, Let Your Light Lead Me

Lord, Send Your Light
Psalm 43:3-5 Send You Light

I think we as Christians have become far to familiar with statements about “Light” when it comes to a spiritual connotation. We use phrases like “letting our light shine” and “Lord, shine on me” and “this little light of mine……”. I think we’ve overlooked the true light that comes from above.

Jesus is referred to as The Light of the World. To put that into context, he is not a light coming from the world, he is a light illuminating to the world. The same way a light bulb gets it’s illumination power from a remote source and then dispels any darkness around it is what Jesus, the Living Word of God is. His presence should be a beacon to radiate around me to give me discernment to things around me but most importantly, what is within me. The same way turning on a light switch in a dark room reveals it’s contents so does the Holy Spirit

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