Sweden 1967 Stamp Sets | A Completed Steiner Album Page

1967 Sweden Stamp sets on a hacked Steiner Album Page
Swedish Stamp Sets from 1967

Page 12 | Steiner Stamp Pages – Sweden1970 Album

 Picked up a nice little lot from Sweden at a stamp show I attended in New Orleans sponsored by the Crescent City Stamp Club.  I was able to fill quite a few empty spaces as well as complete a page or two in my Sweden Collection. This completed stamp album page is page #12 from the Sweden1970 album, which contains Swedish stamps from 1961 to 1970. And like the page title says they are from the year 1967.

The Fjeld –

The subject of this issue comes from a painting by Sixten Lundbohm, an early 20th century Swedish painter. What makes this stamp interesting is that it was one of Sweden first definitive issues that featured a landscape instead of a number or portrait of a king. It was printed in strips with vertical perfs on each side and in booklets of 10 stamps to a page which are distinguishable by perfs on 3 sides.
Scott # 719

Lion Fortress, Uppsala Cathedral and Gripsholm Castle

For an increase in parcel post fees the Swedish Post office issued these 3 stamps celebrating 3 national historic sites.

  • Lion Fortress, Gothenburg, 3.70k Scott #720
  • Uppsala Cathedral, 4.50k Scott #721
  • Gripsolm Castle, 7k Scott #722

The World Table Tennis Championships

Also known as “Ping-Pong”, the World Table Tennis Championships were held in Stockholm that year and dominated by the team from Japan.

  • 35o – Bright Magenta, Scott #724 (Perf 12½ horizontally)
  • 90o – Greenish Blue, Scott #725
  • 35o – Bright Magenta, Scott #726 (Perf 12½ on 3 sides).

Finish Settlers in Sweden

A minority of Swedes can trace their roots back to Finnish settlements in Sweden dating back to the 13th century.

  • 10o – Scott #731
  • 35o – Scott #732

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